tirsdag 10. mars 2009

Stengt område - film om Gaza

På Youtube ligger en film som har vakt stor oppmerksomhet i israel:

Filmen er laget av Gisha som er en israelsk non-profitt-organisasjon som ble etablert i 2005. Målet for Gisha er å beskytte palestineres rettigheter til fri bevegelse, særlig for Gaza-innbyggerne.
De skriver om seg sjøl på hjemmesida si:

Gisha, whose name means both "access" and "approach," uses legal assistance and public advocacy to protect the rights of Palestinian residents. Because freedom of movement is a precondition for exercising other basic rights, Gisha’s work has a multiplier effect in helping residents of the occupied territories access education, jobs, family members and medical care.

As part of its legal work, Gisha represents individuals and organizations in Israeli administrative proceedings and courts. Gisha’s legal activity is based on Israeli law, international human rights and humanitarian law.

As part of its advocacy work, Gisha reaches out to members of the public and opinion-makers using publications in various media, in order to promote awareness and sensitivity for human rights in the occupied territories. Gisha also advocates directly before decision-makers to promote policies that respect human rights.

Gisha is operated by a professional staff and guided by a board that includes legal academics and practitioners, women and men, Arabs and Jews, who have helped shape Israeli human rights law through their advocacy and writings.

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